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Good Egg Guides

Good Egg Safety is the multi-award winning go-to brand for road safety that aims to reduce casualties for new drivers. Fully endorsed by organisations such as Road Safety GB, RoSPA and Brake, Good Egg Safety has a range of easy-to-read guides designed to provide crucial information for staying safer on the roads.

A brilliant learning tool, Good Egg Guides are not just a first class resource, they are also a great learning tool. Together with Ideas4Learners exclusive free downloadable questionnaires, these guides can greatly reinforce your knowledge and understanding, and the need to continue to practice safe driving long after you have passed your test. The Good Egg Guides will not only enhance your lessons, but also help you get the most out of your private practice by informing your parent how safe driving is taught today. Help prepare yourself for getting your licence and what to expect afterwards with The Good Egg Guide for New Drivers. Supported by The Arnold Clark Group and ingenie insurance, this glovebox-sized resource covers everything from taking the driving tests to safer driving practices, buying a car and getting insurance.
  • Good Egg Guide - New Driver

    New Driver

    This high quality 24 page, A5 guide is essential reading for all new drivers and helps prepare for getting their licence and what to expect afterwards. It highlights the biggest risk factors for new drivers including driving to conditions, driving under the influence and in-car distractions. As well as offering great tips on booking and passing the test, buying and insuring a car and the law. There's even a chance to Win a car! Visit for more information.


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  • Good Egg Guide - Double Pack

    Parents of New Drivers

    This 36 page high quality A5 booklet aims to dramatically reduce casualty rates by providing parents with an easy-to-use tool filled with tips for keeping their son or daughter safer, as well as a simple breakdown of relevant laws and what they mean.

    Road collisions are the leading cause of death for 16-to-24-year-olds in the UK, with new drivers being most vulnerable within the first six months of gaining their licence. Furthermore, 40% of all car passengers killed or seriously injured were being driven at night by a newly qualified young driver.

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