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Learning to drive and passing the driving test is one of life's big hurdles. There's so much to learn and when your driving lessons are a week apart it can be hard to remember what you've learnt one week to the next. Created by Ideas4ADIs, the leading provider for driving instructors, the Ideas4Learners range helps you prepare for your in-car tuition and recap your instruction in between lessons. This means less time spent going over the same information and more time spent doing what's important…driving. From the 'Cockpit Drill' safety checks to overtaking, including the all-important routines and reversing manoeuvres, the L-Driver Subject Recaps and Learner Driving Clips are designed to keep it all fresh in your head to help you get to test quicker and feeling more confident.

But don't take it from us, here's what a driving instructor said: "The recaps are fantastic. It gives the student something to refer to in between lessons to keep the knowledge fresh. Categorically, those who use them learn faster. So in short, a big thanks." Ray Lynch DVSA ADI
  • L-Driver Subject Recaps

    These lesson recaps are a handy reference to refer to when learning to drive. There are 25 informative recap sheets in the pack covering the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) syllabus.

    They should be used alongside your driving lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and/or to keep you on track during private practice with a supervising driver.
    Great for preparation and recapping, so less time going over old ground and more time actual driving to help you improve quicker.
    Don’t just take it from us, here’s what driving instructors had to say about the L-Driver Subject Recaps.

    "Excellent! Extremely beneficial to both pupil and instructor alike."
    John Griffiths DVSA ADI - Helensburgh

    "Fantastic. It gives the student something to refer to in private practice, and in between lessons to keep the knowledge fresh. Categorically, those who use them learn faster." Ray Lynch DVSA ADI

    Each subject recap includes:

    • Professional illustration
    • Informative briefing on the subject
    • Quick Quiz section with 8 questions and additional space for answers, to help reinforce driving knowledge and work towards theory test
    • ‘Did you know?’ section providing you with useful road safety information
    • ‘Top Tips’ section giving you additional tips on best practice for safety
    • Space for you to write short notes from your lessons

      Click here to download subjects covered

      These are top quality learning materials, made by the leading company in training aids for driving instructors.

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  • Animated Downloads

    These video clips are an excellent learning aid.
    The 43 animated video clips cover 15 key driving syllabus subjects, including all the reversing manoeuvres, in real time motion.
    The video clips clearly illustrate essential observations, driving routines, priority rules and typical hazards.

    Using a your Smartphone, Android or iPad tablet media player you can pause, rewind and play again and again. The simple animated graphics allow you study the routines and manoeuvres required when learning to drive.
    These video clips have no audio commentary.
    Important note: Please be sure to download the files initially to your PC or Mac, as they are compressed zip files, which makes them smaller to download, however, to be able to play them you must first unzip/uncompress the files. If you don't have a program to do this we would recommend WIN RAR, which you can download for free (no need to purchase). Once you have unzipped them, extract the video files to a separate folder and delete the MACOSX folders and DS_Store files, which are produced as part of the compression process. Keep a back-up copy of the video files on your computer and then transfer the files to your iPad via iTunes or via SD Card or direct link to your Android tablet. If you need help with your iPad click here. For Android devices check the User Manual.

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